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"Every stage of the cancer journey is expressed and described in vivid and unforgettable language. You cannot fail but to be inspired. These poems will touch your heart."
—Sharon Bray, Ed.D., author of When Words Heal: Writing Through Cancer and A Healing Journey: Writing Together Through Breast Cancer

“To say this 250-page book is moving would be a trivialization. . . . The range of perspectives and insights is breathtaking.”
Budgeteer News

“Readers will recognize themselves, find validation for their innermost feelings, and derive comfort from knowing that they are not alone on the road they are traveling.“
—Geri Giebel Chavis, The National Association for Poetry Therapy

“In a world where vast forests have been turned to wood pulp to publish variations on psychic Chicken Soup, [Miller's] goal isn't to find poems that are relentlessly upbeat but simply honest.“
Minneapolis Star Tribune

“This collection is so poignant, so honest, so cellular, I could barely read more than one poem at a time without pausing for my heart to heal.“

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