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3 After the 34th MRI
by Geo Staly
40 Morning Mastectomy
by Michelle Fimon
4 Alpha-bet
by Susan Martell Huebner
42 Motorcycle
by Rebecca Pierre
6 Awareness
by Lisa S. Lutwyche
43 Okay
by Eric Weil
8 Battle on the Beach
by Stephen J. Kudless
45 Peeling and Apple
by Janet S. Meury
10 The Breast and
the Brightest
by Cindy Hochman
47 Planting Acorns,
Fairmount Park
by Lynn Hoffman
11 before and after
by tommie ortega
49 Posted Notice for
Pileated Woodpecker
by Laura L. Snyder
12 Breast Imaging
by Ann Cefola
50 Remembering and
by Dennis A. Norlin
13 Breathing
by Joanne E. Cooper
51 Right to Life
by Patti Marshock


14 Chayote Fruit
by Kyle Potvin
52 Second Chances
by Tracy Rothschild Lynch
16 Elegy for that
Girl in the
Polka Dot Bra*by Sarah Torrey
54 Sixty-five Years
Past Liberation
by Elizabeth Rosner
18 FedEx
by Clinton B. Campbell
56 Sloan Kettering
by Lynn Mayson Shapiro
20 Grace
by Sarah Knorr
58 Swallowtails
by V. Jane Schneeloch
21 Hannan in
Ouarzazate, Morocco
by Natalie Olsen
60 This, a Birth
by Anne Kelly-Edmunds
23 Have You
by Gwendolyn Morgan
61 This Camp
by Lenore M. Montanaro
25 Hymn to a
Lost Breast**
by Bonnie Mauer
63 This Time
by Lisa McKhann



27 I Need Some Ritual
I thought
by Jamie L. Steckelberg
65 The Measurements
of My Breasts
by Margaret Ann Towner
29 Infusion Fridays
by Terry Godbey
67 Tuesdays
by Samantha Albert
31 In the Other Room
by Kelina Leeks
69 Water Is
Surrounding Grace
by Elizabeth Macfarlane Jones
33 Just What I Needed
by Arwen Kuttner
71 Wedding Dress Johnny
by Maureen O'Brien
35 Letter Writer
by Marcia Renee Goodman
73 What Remains
by Charles Entrekin
37 The Lost Breasts
by Pat Riviere-Seel
75 When All You Can Do
by C.A. Emerich
38 Miracles***
by Paul Hostovsky


79 Aubade
by W.F. Lantry
103 No Borrowed Time
by Carol Tufts
81 The Blessing of
Children 2
by Julie Cadwallader-Staub
105 The Permanence
by Yumiko Tsumura
83 Blue Moon
by Cathy Douglas
107 Sanctuary
by Meredith Davies Hadaway
85 Breast Cancer
Poem #2
by Bill McCarthy
108 Shaving Our Heads
by Gail Rudd Entrekin
87 By Breath
by Gary Boelhower
110 Silence
by Claire Thornburgh
89 Covering up for God
by Karin B. Miller
112 Still Life with Punch Line
by J. O'Nym
91 Distances
by Joyce Meyers
113 Together in the
Ice Storm
by Henry Hughes


93 The Evening Light***
by Warren Slesinger
115 Valleys and Lillies*
by Nancy M. Fitzgerald
95 In the Oncologist's
Waiting Room
by Dolores Hayden
117 The Viscosity of Honey
by Lori Tucker-Sullivan
97 Kitty Smiled
by Gary Young
119 Untitled
by Douglas Dow
98 Late Morning/
After Diagnosis
by Michael Rattee
121 What I Saved
by Karen D'Amato
99 Lean
by Vicki Wilke
123 Whiteout
by Melinda Driscoll
101 My TV Family**
by Pamela Manche Pearce
125 1-800-4-CANCER
by Alan Walowitz


129 After the Diagnosis
by Annette Opalczynski
166 One Small Pleasure
by Courtney E. Putnam
130 Apparitions
by Faye Madeleine Thornburgh
168 Picking Out Wigs
by Gina Forberg
132 Baked Beans: A Word
from the Dead
by Mara Faulkner
169 Plenty
by Elizabeth Batchelder
134 Barn Wish
by Kim Knedler Hewett
171 A Poem for John
by Kathleen Hayes Phillips
136 The Bath
by Connie Levesque
173 The Quilt Maker
by Bill Carpenter
137 Blah, Blah, Blah
by Ellen Collins
175 Rising Cancer
by Susannh Gilbert
139 Caregiver Burnout
by Marissa Cohen
177 Saying Hello to Goodbye
by Veneta Masson


141 Deadlines
by Kelly Nelson
178 Side by Side
by Kari O'Driscoll
143 Drafting Your Will
by Anna Di Martino
180 Sleep Trouble
by Amy Marengo
145 Five Mutations
by Aviva Kasowski
181 S'more
by Megan Willome
147 Go Away
by Charles Alden Thornburgh
183 Some Thoughts You Might Have Twenty Minutes After Your Grandfather Has Died
by Manda Frederick
149 Gone
by Jadon Fimon
186 Tonic Waters*
by Susan Bernardo
150 Greyhound Bus
by Sherry Dee-An Coffey
188 Touch Me
by Janine Soucie Kelley
152 Hospice
by Phillip Cate Huckins
190 Unbearable Brightness of Hair***
by David Sten Herrstrom



155 I Can Take It
by Micah Chatterton
192 Uncovered
by Cynthia Rausch Allar
157 Lucky
by Lisa Robertson
194 Waiting
by J. Anna Michaelis
159 Mountain Laurel
by Gary Hugh Fry
196 What They'll Know
by Paula Finn
160 My Father's Shirts
by Carrie Green
197 Witness
by Stacy R. Nigliazzo
162 Nativity: Four Months Later
by Donna Isaac
199 Yet There Is Still Such Beauty
by Jennifer Freed
164 On the Day of Her Diagnosis**
by Barbara Crooker


203 After Cancer
by Mary Fitzpatrick
235 Night at the Opera
by Marc Straus
205 After Chemo
by Ronald W. Pies
236 Nothing to Worry About
by Bobbi Hahn
207 Because
by Gail Carson Levine
238 Only Life
by Don Colburn
208 Breakfast
by Judith Goedeke
240 On the Third Floor at Moses Cone Memorial Hospital
by Steve Cushman
210 Breast Cancer Survivors: Writing Workshop, One Thursday Night at Burger King
by Jeanne Bryner
241 On This Night
by M.S. Rooney
212 Cancer, for Dickie
by Cathy Barber
243 Peter Rabbit
by Carol Burcham Grommesh


214 Clinic Observations
by Max Money
245 Picking Up Ronna for Physical Therapy at the Champa Street Gym
by Madelyn Garner
215 Coming Back
by Bridget Levin
246 Playing in the Band*
by Richard M. Berlin
217 Companion
by Molly Redmond
248 The Poison Womb
by Christina McDaniel
218 Ephemera
by Shavawn M. Berry
251 Prayer Shawl
by Mimi Moriarty
220 Fall Apart at the Seams
by Linda DeMello
253 Ronald McDonald House**
by Tony Gloeggler
222 For Noel
by Ellen Kirvin Dudis
256 The Summer Solstice
by John Manesis
223 A Friend's Prayer For You
by Linda Jett
257 Sweetie, Sweetie
by Margo Wizansky



224 Harbinger
by Perie Longo
259 The Train
by Elizabeth Winthrop
226 Hired Man Down**
by Maryann (Wendy) Hurtt
261 Trainspotting in the Clinic
and Brooks
by Majid Mohiuddin
228 Landfall**
by Ann Cefola
263 Waiting for Post-op Lab Results
by Terry S. Johnson
229 Leaving the Clinic
by Marilyn Taylor
265 Warrior
by Carol Allis
231 Life According to Sadie
by Kim M. Baker
267 The Way Horses Are
by Larry Schug
233 Like Smoke
by Jim Pahz
269 You Were
by Autumn Stephens


3 I entered the room, naked 56 Reconstruction
11 before and after 107 song
38 The Breast 130 Five-Year Anniversary


89 March 29, 1985 158 Red
96 Richard Leaving 160 The Miracle of Milkweed
116 History 242 Good Night
117 mother, I am feeling myself slip


37 The Spy 120 Big Sale Today
68 Diagnosis 139 Mother Eulogy
98 Mourning Doves 170 One Last Favor
99 Widow 205 The Widow Speaks
109 Cigarettes 214 Untitled


36 Reminiscence 230 For Nina on Her Sixteenth Birthday
82 Odds 246 An Oncology Nurse's Ode
130 Five-Year Anniversary 247 For a friend lying in
intensive care waiting for
her white blood cells to
rejuvenate after a bone
marrow transplant
146 Let Us Now Praise


84 Chocolates 200 To a friend now separated
from me by illness
138 In the Mirror 202 Dinner Party
156 Windstorm 208 I did not know his name
182 Awkward Friends 222 Turban
192 The Door 224 Gifts


16 Prostate Cancer as a
Sporting Event
90 Survival Diptych
24 Bi Bye-Bye, Buy 112 Not Listening
29 A Man Learning Women 146 Let Us Now Praise
34 When I inherit the star 186 My Friend
43 Variations on My Room in
the Bone Marrow Unit: In
the Room of Cows
188 Rocky Road
44 One Hundred and Ten Days 190 Double Mastectomy
58 Diamonds 232 The Thirteenth Floor
70 This Month 239 Apartment on Third and Brooks
80 Nephrostomy Tube Surgery at Age Thirty-Four


12 A Woman Argues with
the Casting Director
179 The Wrong Month
112 Not Listening 180 The diagnosis


18 "Poor Devil!" 148 Practicing My Goodbye after He's Gone
46 Midnight in the Pretty Little House 152 An Explanation to My Dying Daughter
69 Guinea Pig 166 Chrysalis
76 A Walk at Dusk 204 When Autumn Came
86 The Seven Sorrows 206 There is a woman falling
96 Richard Leaving 228 Lines for Spring
124 After the Diagnosis 244 Walk Me into the Morning
144 Giving the Darkness Shape


8 There is a river running in the blood of him 136 Self-Examination
10 suddenly, life changes 142 Adagio for Ginny
50 When I had cancer I thought 150 In Cold Dreams before Dawn
54 How to Stay Alive 156 Windstorm
58 Diamonds 162 On the Beach
65 Julie Ann in the Bone Marrow Unit 172 Garden Variety
66 Outside the Bone Marrow Unit 174 Persephone
72 Slow Dancing in the Med-Inn 187 Say Yes
74 Chores 190 Double Mastectomy
114 I Will Breathe and Breathe 212 Theology
122 Ready or Not 218 Clay Pigeons
131 A Mother's Despair 220 In the Eighties
132 Shape Shifter 226 Friends for Life


77 Numb 157 A Mother and a Daughter
78 Absence of Place 164 Making Pies in the Dark
92 Elegy 168 Again, July
94 Valentine's Day, 1975 196 Leaving the Clinic
98 Mourning Doves 205 The Widow Speaks
99 Widow 210 For Lorraine
134 A Fantasy (Thirty Years Later) 238 Snatching
154 Yahrzeit


4 it's never too late 83 A Lesson
6 Farewell to Hair 107 song
14 the good doctors 108 She's All Right
20 Finding God at Montefiore Hospital 110 Poem of the Week
22 The Answer 126 Lucky
28 Because a world may be called into being 128 Palm Sunday
32 Letters Received 153 Courage
47 First Summer 176 Sharing
52 There's not a book on
how to do this
184 She Asked for a Joke or Poem
60 Bay Bridge/Rosh Chodesh 194 Pesach
81 Greek 198 Seed
82 Odds 199 In Remission


234 The Daughter, the Moon and Jamaica 240 Glenn's Laugh
236 Hiking in the Anza-Borrego Desert after Surgery 247 For a friend lying in intensive care waiting for her white blood cells to rejuvenate after a bone marrow transplant


12 A Woman Argues with
the Casting Director
214 Untitled
24 Bi Bye-Bye, Buy 216 Empathetic Ode
26 The Cancer Patient Talks Back 220 In the Eighties
43 Variations on My Room
in the Bone Marrow Unit:
In the Room of Cows


40 Oncology in Advent 74 Chores
42 Impotence 102 The cancerous cell
56 Reconstruction 212 Theology
62 How Will Death Arrive?

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